a toast to summer 2020 by rosy rodriguez

A few weeks back I was asked to write something for our Hive readers about what to drink this summer. I’m A Good Time Sally so booze and jokes are my go-to combo. Then the world got turned upside down. Again. Only this time it wasn’t a new pandemic that plagued us but one of the oldest pandemics in our country. 

As a mother, wife, ally, activist, and friend this one has hit me in a hard way. I would walk through fire to protect the ones I love and cannot fathom what it feels like to live in a world where the justice system considers me less than. No one should be made to feel this way and yet here we are. We’re all doing what we can to understand and make change happen but it’s a lengthy process and the work will never be done. There is still so much work to be done. 

Amidst all this, I need to wear a brave face and make sure my young children’s days are filled with magic while instilling in them the love for the world and fellow man that I so strongly believe in. Needless to say, I’m drinking a bit of whiskey each night because dude, times are tough. This is a crazy tall order and mama is tired. For the most part, I’m succeeding but each day is an uphill battle on a road full of potholes with very disappointing rest stops. Bleh. 

I’m turning 40 this month and celebrating feels silly but it also feels necessary. While the world is falling apart around us it’s also being built up again only this time much stronger and brighter. It may seem strange but it’s time to put on my big girl pants and get out there to share some joy with my family and friends. We need to come together with our “COVID-19” waistlines and share some summertime rosé while swapping war stories of our quarantine craziness. It’s time to freaking hug people and share meals! 

We need to find a way to connect with each other again and take the time to listen. This has been a hard time for all of us and we need to come forward without judgment and really listen to each other’s perspectives and be willing to share and learn with open hearts. Heck, I won’t even judge if someone wants to drink white Zinfandel at this point as long as you’re raising your glass in kindness and love. 

With this in mind, I’d like to propose a toast to Summer 2020. You’re not like any summer I’ve seen before but I’m ready to rise to the occasion under your challenges. May this be the summer I regain perspective over what’s truly important in my life and let go of the trivial worries Summer usually brings. Instead of obsessing about having that perfect bikini bod or ultimate summer rental, I’m going to focus on earning my tan lines playing outside with my kids and loving on old and new friends in need of hospitality and support.  This is the summer of inner transformation and I’m thankful for the challenge. Salúd! 

Rosy Rodriguez