What is 305 Hive?

We are an exclusive newsletter curated for Miami’s discerning! Each issue features a collection of personal recommendations, event promos, PSA’s, and more. We are also here to connect you with whatever service you are looking for. Need a dog groomer, roofer, school advice? Just ask the Hive. You’ll get great personal recommendations from friendly locals.

About The Queen Bee

Samantha was born on the island of Trinidad and moved to Miami when she was 11 years old.  She is married to John Murphy, who is a partner at Rimon, P.C., and they have two children. Lindsey, 17, who plays the electric guitar, loves art, and finding ways to feed her entrepreneurial spirit. Sean, 15, who loves rock climbing, adores reading, and is crazy about dogs.

Samantha is an avid tennis player, an advocate for the arts, enjoys needlepointing, and being a part of her ladies poker group. The family lives in South Miami with their sweet dog, Teddy. Always an entrepreneur at heart, Samantha started working at 14 years old when she opened her first business called Samantha’s Clothing and Jewelry. She enlisted her friends as models and would host showings to sell her items. She later borrowed her great Aunt’s “secret” recipe for pepper jelly, bottled it as Samantha’s Gourmet Pepper jelly, and sold to many local grocery stores for years. Her last position was as vice-president at the family export business. She left that position in 2011 to focus on raising her children.

Samantha is the consummate volunteer, always lending a hand where needed. She has chaired many committees at her children’s school and with various social clubs. She also volunteers with charitable organizations such as the Junior League of Miami and has been a board member of Beaux Arts. Always willing to host, plan, or organize an event, Samantha still has not learned the art of saying no but instead jumps in with eager enthusiasm. Above all Samantha loves to help people in any way she can. She is the one her friends come to for advice and where to find anything in town. She is the family travel planner, researching every restaurant, the hottest new places, and the most recommended spots to stop at.

Should you ask Samantha for help, one can expect a full spreadsheet of pros and cons, do’s and don’ts. It is this love of research, investigation, finding the best, and helping others that has lead up to this moment! It is now time to put all of these skills into one amazing platform…Hive 305!  It’s time to join Samantha and the Hive so you too will know all of the Buzz around Miami!

As Seen on “Marketing Monday with Misty Buck”