be your own valentine then watch what happens with those you love by dr. simone alicia

We should be focused on love everyday, but, in our society, we place special focus on one day in particular, February 14th, Valentine’s Day.

This annual celebration of love can be a touchy time for some. From those yearning for love not yet found, to those still remembering lost loves of the past, this day of love can bring up a variety of emotions and reactions.

Some will bask in this day of romance, following traditions, enjoying chocolates, booking the sitter, and going on dates, while others will curl up on the sofa, alone, determined to fight the pangs of sadness in their hearts. Still there are others who will plan social time with friends as a form of quiet rebellion.

Through it all, from the saddest experiences to the most glorious, there is one person we often forget to celebrate during this time. Ourselves!

Self-care and self-love have become buzzwords with celebs and influencers worldwide and it’s for good reason. Our world needs a lot more of it – and we need to be clear about what it’s really all about so we can embrace ourselves on Valentines day too. Here are a few tips to help:

What it’s Not

Self-love is not about disliking others or deciding that you are better than everyone else. Instead it’s about love. Pure and simple.

What it Is

Loving yourself is about compassion, care, and consideration. You show it by using kind words, self-forgiveness, and moments of relief and relaxation for yourself.

Perhaps, the biggest fear around self-love, especially on Valentine’s Day, is that you will end up neglecting others in your life, or coming across as self-centered and selfish. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The Secret

The secret about true self-love is that it is replenishing – for you and for others. That means that loving yourself actually fills you up and prepares you to shower your family and friends with even more love and Valentine’s Day goodness than ever!

Here are some fun tips for loving yourself and letting it pour over into the lives of the ones you love on Valentines Day:

  1. Treat your body – so you feel strong, rested and attentive. Try bubble baths, stretching, and holistic techniques like Emotional Freedom Tapping to relieve stress, improve circulation and relax the body – all for you! And if you have a valentine, you will be supercharged enough to provide long, loving hugs, share stress free laughter, and stay up all night to celebrate.
  2. Treat your mind – so you can be clear minded and feel inner serenity. Use mind clearing techniques like heart-centered breathing and mental rehearsal to increase your focus on loving thoughts and emotions – all for you! And if you have a valentine your mind will be clear, focused and able to give undivided, loving attention to them (whether it’s to your talkative little ones or your significant other).
  3. Treat your soul – so you can feel worthy, valuable, and powerful. Use words to affirm the powerful essence of who you are deep inside, a Divine consciousness of pure love. Remind yourself of how powerful, blessed, wise, able and aligned you are so you can radiate feelings of empowerment – all for you! And if you have a valentine you will be eager to spread such loving words of encouragement to build up your loved ones on this special day as well.

Break the cycle of Valentine’s passed. Make it a win-win for you and for the ones you love.

Instead of going through the motions doing the required celebrations, tune into yourself this year. Ignite the internal powerhouse of love living within your own heart, charge it up with self-love and then spread that love like wildfire – with a renewed intensity that will nourish and inspire those you love the most.

Happy Valentines Day

Dr. Simone Alicia, D.D.h,c. “The Self Esteem Doctor”