planning the perfect romantic proposal

Are you planning on asking your beloved to marry you (for the first time or again) but need help planning the perfect romantic proposal? The perfect engagement ring is just the first step; it’s just as important to plan how you propose to ensure a moment both of you will never forget. The gesture is about your lasting connection to your partner, celebrating their individuality, and what makes your relationship unique. Here are some ideas to help you set yourself up for a yes!

Recreate Your Frist Date

Recreating your first date can bring a sense of nostalgia to the occasion and will help to make it truly personal to your relationship. Depending on where your first date was, it may be difficult to actually relive the date, but you can certainly bring in many of the same elements, such as the meal you had, the flowers on the table, and the music that was playing. Think of ways to bring in those elements of what made your first date so special.

Plan a Romantic Picnic

A picnic in a beautiful garden, paired with some fine cheese, strawberries, chocolate, and champagne, is the perfect romantic date and a perfect way to propose.

A Hike

For the more adventurous among us, consider incorporating a local hike. We suggest you scope out the perfect spot to propose in advance; no one wants to get lost on their special day. Once you reach the perfect spot, all that’s left to do is pop the question.

Scavenger Hunt

Send your fiance-to-be on a treasure hunt that ends with your marriage proposal. Set up a hunt around the house or around town with a series of clues. You can incorporate clues with special meanings to your relationship, like places you have been, or each clue can be a hint about something you love about your mate. Or, work in locations like a spa, salon, and boutique so your partner feels pampered and picture-perfect for a day they’ll never forget. 

Enlist Friends and Family

Gather your friends and family for a party and have everyone wear a T-shirt or hold a sign bearing one of the letters or words in the phrase, “Will you marry me?” Then during the party, suggest a group picture to reveal the special message. Since everyone is already gathered, it can turn into an engagement party. 

Flash Mob

If dancing and singing are fun for your beloved, this idea is the perfect marriage proposal. Choreograph a flash mob with their nearest and dearest to surprise your partner. 

The Beach

We are blessed with beautiful beaches in Miami, and proposing on a beach, especially at sunset, can make for a romantic proposal. You can incorporate fun ideas like a message in a bottle or sand castle or spelling out words in shells. Just be careful if you are in thick sand to lay down a blanket in case you happen to drop the ring. 

Make Them Center Stage

Publicly declare your love and showcase your proposal. Collaborate with a venue and let them pass you the mike or call your love onstage. If you choose karaoke, you can sing your favorite song or even work your partner’s name into the lyrics. If it’s a magic act, you can volunteer yourself or your partner to be part of the act. There are many ways to shine the spotlight on your love. Call their favorite radio station to propose. You can also ask a podcast host to replace their intro song with your recorded message. If your special someone reads the paper, you can take out an ad in the publication they subscribe to. Proposing on the jumbotron also makes a big splash.

Proposals at Home

If you’re looking for a more understated engagement and want it to be a special moment between you, then why not propose in the comfort of your home? A proposal at home can allow you to be more vulnerable so you can say how you truly feel without an audience.

Think about breakfast in bed on a lazy Sunday. You can also set up a romantic candlelight dinner for two or cook an al fresco meal in the backyard with string lights and flowers. Or set up a projector, comfy pillows, and their favorite snacks for a movie night. You can watch a romantic movie or photos and videos of favorite moments that you have shared. This simplified approach will make you and the ring the real stars of the show.

Vacation Vibes

How about a destination proposal? Traveling can put you in a relaxed and romantic state of mind. Research the perfect spot to pop your question; there are sure to be many places and opportunities in your travels. When you propose on vacation, you can make the trip an annual one for your anniversary.

An Evening Under the Starts

With the night sky as your backdrop, you can plan a romantic night under the stars. A special rooftop or waterside locale. It can even be on your balcony or in your garden. 

A Sunset Cruise

Sunset cruises are made for romance. This is a proposal sure to impress. Make sure to have the perfect snacks and a bottle of bubbly, and while the sun sets, you can pop the big question. 


  • Hire a photographer or videographer or enlist a friend or family member to capture the moment discretely. Your partner might appreciate being able to relive the moment on screen for years to come.
  • Respect family traditions. It might be important to your partner to ask a loved one for their hand in marriage. 
  • Roughly plan what to say but don’t borrow someone else’s words and speak from the heart. Your partner has fallen in love with you and your words, not something you copied from a book or the internet. Think of things that would be important for them to hear from you at this moment—specific things about your journey together so far and what makes your partner special. 

Putting real thought into your perfect proposal is guaranteed to make it truly romantic and will start your marriage off on the right foot.