record-breaking toy ship headed to Miami

update: March 8, 2021

The toy ship story has been picked up by NBC6. A local family has found the toy ship and is recharging its batteries and is waiting for the right weather in which to launch it back to sea. Hopefully, it will find its way back to Ollie and Harry Ferguson in Scotland. Click here for the NBC6 update.

Update: March 4, 2021:

The little toy ship Adventure II has been picked up in the Miami area.

Update: March 3, 2021:

The toy ship Adventure II has broken the Adventure I’s world record. See video update here:

Published February 18, 2021:

There is a little toy pirate ship making its way around the world, and it has already broken a world record. It might be headed to Miami, and maybe you can help it along on its journey. You see, if it makes it here, its batteries will need to be recharged, and then it will need to be sent on its way across the Atlantic. I first got interested in this story when my cousin Keith and his sons in Trinidad got involved. A toy pirate ship launched by two young brothers from Scotland had sailed the high seas to Scandinavia and onwards to Barbados before being lost at sea. Keith is a co-founder, and the director of the education foundation COAST, its focus is the scientific exploration of deep water in the oceans surrounding the Caribbean. Keith, along with his three young sons, rebuilt the toy ship and launched Adventure 2 (A2) from an offshore support vessel 60 miles off the coast of Guyana. This was on the same track as the original Adventure (A1). Now, it’s hopefully headed to us in Miami. Read all about the journey here, and if anyone finds the ship, please reach out to us and keep us posted. You can also track the ship’s current course here.

Kai (10), Jax (7)