summer opportunities for teens 2022

Great jobs and volunteer opportunities are not so easy to come by for teens, but we are here to help! We have done the legwork for you and found a few opportunities for your teens.  For kids who are perhaps too old for summer camp but old enough to be productive citizens over the course of a three-month break, summer is an opportune time for them to experience the rite of passage that is a summer job. Not sure what your teen can tackle?

Here are some great ideas:

Camp Counselor: If your teen enjoys the camp experience, likes to work as part of a team and be a leader and role model to younger children, working as a camp counselor might be right up their alley. {And it’s a lot of fun, too!}

Babysitter: Mature, responsible, patient teens are perfect candidates for babysitting. Not just for date nights, babysitting gigs during the summer are a nice source of income and a great help to working parents.

Tutor: If your teen enjoys working with kids and excels in a particular school subject matter, tutoring over the summer is a great fit.

Entrepreneur: Have your teen start their own summer business, such as washing friends’ and neighbors’ cars, helping with errands or gardening, etc. Think “Shark Tank” for kids.

Lifeguard: This requires some planning ahead, but if your teen is an excellent swimmer, this may be a fun, challenging and rewarding summer job. There are minimum age and certification requirements.

Intern: If your teen is interested in exploring a particular career, now’s the time to research local internship opportunities. Ask friends and family if they can connect your child with an employer to get the ball rolling.

Grocery Store Positions: This can be a great introduction to the world of employment. For many teens, working in a grocery store provides the start to a career in management. For others, grocery jobs help develop a responsible work ethic that will follow them throughout their lives.

Community Service: Summer is a great time for your teen to get ahead on their community service hours. Teens can volunteer with various organizations or even use the summer to plan and start an endeavor of their own.

Be a Global Volunteer Abroad: These are short-term volunteering vacations where teens can not only engage in meaningful service but can get immersed in the culture and explore the country through weekend adventures.

Volunteer at a Pet Shelter: You can help care for the animals, participate in fundraisers to help the shelter, and earn your service hours. There are also opportunities to adopt or foster animals.


Paying jobs:

Breakthrough Miami
Liz Augustin

  • Teaching Fellowship: All of the following duties and responsibilities are essential position functions, though some members may have a greater responsibility for some of the functions listed. The list is not all inclusive and individuals may be asked to perform other position-related duties as requested by their Breakthrough Miami supervisors.
  • Act as a role model to Breakthrough Miami scholars Provide academic support services to scholars under the direction of Breakthrough staff at designated Breakthrough Miami sites Deliver Breakthrough Miami’s academic curriculum in a small-group setting during the Summer Institute Mentor scholars on the skills and strategies needed for success in school, including organization, time management, homework completion, and study habits.
  • Work closely with assigned Breakthrough Miami site director on assigned scholar roster.
  • Aid in the planning and implementation of Breakthrough’s summer programming Participate actively in all training, professional development, civic reflection, and service activities.
  • Reporting requirements include weekly timesheets and monthly data reporting.

TLC Family Care
Annie Willis

  • Provide age appropriate activities and safe attentive care for children while their parents work or attend events.
  • Our jobs are local and you play a major role in the families ability to thrive.
  • We have days, evenings and week-end schedules. Join our teem of sitters today!

Volunteer positions:

Touching Miami with Love
Corinthia Coffey

  • TML will be seeking teen volunteers from ages 16-18 during our Summer Camp.
  • The volunteers will be working with our children leading and assisting in varies activities throughout programming between 8am and 5pm for a minimum of two hours.
  • Volunteers would need to submit an application, pass a criminal background check, and undergo our interview process.
  • The Summer dates we would need help are: June 27, 2022 – July 1, 2022 July 5, 2022 – July 8, 2022 July 26, 2022 – July 30, 2022

Here’s to a happy and productive summer!