teacher gift etiquette and suggestions

Teachers have gone through so much during the past couple of years. Whether they’ve been teaching via Zoom from a virtual classroom or have had their students in-person, they have had to be flexible, patient, and determined to continue educating in unstable, uncertain times. So many teachers put their students’ needs before their own, without a second thought. They deserve a special thank you every year, but especially this one. 

We asked a few of our favorite teachers in town for some suggestions in case you are looking to show your child’s teacher a small token of appreciation.

We know some classrooms come together to do a classroom group gift, and just know that teachers are not expecting something additional as an individual gift from your child. That being said, if you would like to add a personal touch, you can always have your child make a card.

If your class is not doing a group gift or you need some gift suggestions, then the fact is they really do love gift cards and cash. If purchasing a gift card, try to make the gift cards generic so that they can use them easily. Although fabulous, giving them a gift card to your favorite boutique in town just might mean them having to run around town to several places to try to use their gift cards. Think Target, Publix, and department stores that might have several locations, such as Macy’s. Target is a favorite among teachers, as they can use it for clothing, school supplies, and even groceries. If you want to add a personal touch, try tying the gift card to a sweet treat or lovely soap, or stick it in a small potted plant. If your child is in middle school or high school and you are saying, “but I have two kids, and they have eight teachers each! How much could I possibly give them?” We have it on good authority that they would prefer a gift card over a tchotchke, even if it is just a $5 gift card. They all add up!

If you are a person that just doesn’t like giving gift cards, then consider a pretty orchid, but please, no more mugs or candles; your teachers get so many of those. Many teachers told us that their favorite gift was as simple as positive or grateful words; don’t underestimate the value of praise.

No matter what you get, the teacher in your life will be happy that you went out of your way to show them your appreciation.