the quintessential guide to home organization in miami!

Moving back in after a remodel requires a lot of work and much-needed reorganization. When our Hive was renovated, we knew we needed some professional help. We chose some of the best organization companies in Miami to work with and wanted to share the results with you! Each organizer picked an area to work on and brought their unique skills and strengths. We wanted to be as authentic as possible with our readers, and as you can see by the Instagram stories, we did not pre-organize or unpack everything before.

Check out these local companies that you may want to use in your hive too.

Tip: “Tackling any organizing project requires a bit of preplanning to keep the project manageable and successful. When starting any project remember these three things: First, keep it small and focused. Plan on doing one room or area at a time until it is complete.  Next, plan to use an area as a “dumping ground” to temporarily sort and group items as you take them out to organize. Finally, find a place outside of the house to hold donation items such as the garage or porch.”

Tip: “Ways to organize your kids’ closet to make it more functional start with creating zones/ areas within the closet. For example, an area for school uniforms, sports, and daywear. Leave plenty of room for toys since the majority of the time toys get stashed in the closet, so make sure there are enough storage spots or bins for these items. Clearly label the bins; it will be easier once they are done with the toys so they will know where to return them.”

Tip: “Declutter your physical and digital space regularly. Develop a plan of action to meet your weekly cleaning goals. Don’t forget to go through your mail pile…I know you have one.”

Tip: “We truly BEE-lieve the Power Purge will help you take back control of your space. Then, assign a home to everything.”

Tip: “Letting go of physical clutter also declutters the mind and soul.”

Tip: “When organizing, visibility is so important! When you see everything in a space at a glance, you feel in control of your stuff, and you’ll never buy more than you need. So, reduce what you keep in a space, use vertical folding and filing to fill drawers and cabinets, and you’ll be well on your way to an organized home.”

Tip: “Even the tidiest person can still struggle with closet organization. Closets fit everything from shirts to shoes to miscellaneous storage, which can all become quickly messy. While it may seem to be a big job you can easily break it down into simple steps. Ready to take the plunge and reorganize your bedroom closet? One thing that I suggest for my clients is to have a Catch All Basket. You can use it when you change out your purses. Can include loose change, receipts, different size wallets, sunglasses, hair clips..”

What we learned:

🐝 These companies are highly professional and discreet. They have seen it all, so don’t worry about being embarrassed by your clutter. And no, they won’t tell their friends over a cup of coffee about how messy your house was or about the mortgage bill they found in your desk drawer.

🐝 No need to purchase containers; they can use your own. But we learned that the correct container – especially with a label – makes all the difference in keeping your space tidy. It maximizes your investment and time, so you don’t have to do it repeatedly.

🐝 If you are investing in product, there is no need to buy containers or bins beforehand as most organizers will make suggestions and may even get a discount on some items. Some organizers provide shopping services or will suggest containers and send you links to purchase on your own. You always have the option to use what is in hand, so don’t worry if you are not ready to invest in containers. However, there are some reasonable container options on the market; in our project, we used products from The Container Store, Ikea, Target, and Amazon.

🐝 If you want to do something beforehand, declutter! Doing that work upfront can save you time, but it’s not necessary if you can’t find the time to do it.

🐝 Consider monthly maintenance to help keep you on the right track.

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