tips for finding a tutor

Whether your child is utilizing hybrid learning, full in-person learning, distance learning, or homeschooling, the basics for finding a suitable tutor are still the same. Here are six suggestions to help guide you to finding the best tutor for your child and that fits your family’s needs. If you are interested in working with any of the tutors listed in the 305 Hive newsletter, you should have some peace of mind! We only work with reputable businesses.

  1. Start with Your Teachers
    • Teachers are oftentimes one of the best sources of determining what your child needs, so they would provide the best guidance for a good match.
    • Sometimes the school’s guidance counselor keeps a list of teachers who also tutor. This is invaluable since the teacher is familiar with the school’s curriculum and has access to the exact materials needed.
  2. Matching Up with Other Families to Create Pods
    • By working together, several families can create a patchwork schedule that helps each parent feel relief when it comes to childcare, teaching duties, and making sure they get to work on time.
    • Families may either combine resources to hire a tutor or divide up the teaching duties among one another.
  3. Hire a Tutor Through an Agency or 305 Hive
    • Be sure to request a phone conversation with the tutor to discuss the tutor’s experience, rates, availability, etc. This will allow parents to not only access the technical qualifications of the tutor but also the tutor’s personality and overall conduct.
    • Parents can also rely on word of mouth from trusted friends who have had personal experience with individual tutors or tutoring agencies. Or place a free post in 305 Hive and ask your neighbors for recommendations.
  4. Hire a Nanny
    •  For some families, tutoring and childcare are bound up in a two-problem solution. Hiring someone who can not only watch over their kids, but also help guide their kids through coursework is key.
  5. Peer/Tutoring
    • For families with kids older than elementary school age, peer tutoring might be a smart idea and this can be done virtually.
    • Peer tutoring can provide students with a measure of comfort that someone older may not.
  6. Hire a Virtual Tutor
    • There are so many tutors that are available to meet virtually.

Finding the right tutor is not a perfect science. In the end, you want someone who will really reach your child and help them flourish academically. Stay engaged throughout the process and follow up as needed to make the most of the tutor you select for your child.