how to turn your “family trip” into an actual vacation by rosy rodriguez

Vacation Season is upon us, and the pressure is real! After being shamed by my 8-year-old for a Spring Break “Staycation”, I need to step up my game. When we were kids, a fabulous vacation was a week spent in a duplex in Sanibel eating peanut butter and jelly while my parents day-drank wine coolers. Nowadays these kids expect luxury vacations like they’ve seen on YouTube, and I have to admit, I want one too. The era of simple family getaways has come and gone, and we’re now expected to produce these epic adventures for our children, multiple times per year. There’s only one problem, I have no idea how to make this magic happen!

Here are a few takeaways from our last family vacation that still wake me up at night:

  • The kids are having the time of their lives and I’m here covered in sand and regret! Help!
  • Is it frowned upon to enjoy a Mai Tai while my son is fighting a stranger’s child with a pool noodle?
  • Why did I think this pipe dream of relaxation would be possible without a kids’ club?
  • Why did I think I could actually book an excursion at the last minute?
  • Wait. The dolphin experiences need to be booked in advance?! So much for laissez faire living!
  • What do you mean kayaking isn’t available on the day of?
  • I’m sorry, did you just say you’re out of golf carts?
  • Why did I think we could just call a cab instead of booking a car service for almost the same rate?
  • How many pairs of goggles can one kid lose in a day?!
  • Will anyone notice if I spike this Celsius with a little (or a lot of) vodka?

I’ve recently discovered from a friend that luxury travel is actually possible with a hassle-free experience and it sounds like a gift from the heavens! We discussed some of my gripes from our “family trips” (trust me, these were not restful vacations) and she explained that when you work with the right kind of travel advisor, you don’t necessarily have to pay anything additional for a VIP experience. The right kind of advisor will sit down with you to learn what your family needs entail and then use their network of resorts and hotels to create the ideal situation. Would you like spa appointments daily? Done! Would you like excursions only twice during your stay? Done! Do you need to sign-up the kids for ski school? Done! Would you like a property with all inclusive meal options? Done! Would you like an Adults Only property because you’ve chosen to leave the kids at home and live your damn life? Done!

But wait, there’s more! Since these advisors have existing relationships with their properties, you’re immediately upgraded in status and will receive complimentary items like hotel credits, food and drink, VIP reservations for dining and much more! Typically, clients simply book their flights, and their agent handles the rest. When you work with an experienced travel advisor you have a direct line to seamless service and the expertise that takes all the research and planning out of your hands. This is the type of service that turns those Griswold level family trips into a delightful vacation! Now if only they were available to handle adulting challenges for us as well. Now there’s a business idea!

This blog was underwritten by Cara Caine from The Lux Family Traveler, a luxury travel advisor for the modern family. Lux strives to create lasting memories in different destinations across the globe and can handle any kind of travel scenario (bachelor/bachelorette trips, honeymoons, family travel, destination weddings, etc). Cara is a FORA PRO Travel Advisor and can be found on Instagram @the_lux_family_traveler